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Hospitality TN needed a logo system that could refresh as they select a new city from year-to-year to host their Governor's Conference on Hospitality and Tourism event. We gave them three directions. The first option is focused on using minimal shapes that can build out into a patterned system to visualize networking and education, the staples of the conference. It is modern and clean, referencing colors from the main Hospitality TN logo with an extra pop. The text is formatted to highlight the colloquial title ‘Gov Con’ within the main mark. The second option is focused on highlighting the actual location of the convention from year to year in a framework of lines that show the gridded system that cities are built on and references the connections made at the conference. The HospitalityTN logo pin with the Tristar quickly references TN, and always points to the location of the conference within the map. The final option focuses on a culture of Tennessee as a whole, using the state outline as the main logo bug and letterpress inspired typography. The main colors and pattern within the logo bug would change from year to year to highlight what is special about that city. The Hospitality TN logo marks the city that the event is in and would shift around on the logo bug from year to year. 

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