Rise & Shine: The Monica Abbott Story

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UT Press asked for some cover options for the upcoming book, "Rise & Shine: The Monica Abbott Story," an autobiography about Olympic softball pitcher Monica Abbott. As a former college pitcher, this was a dream project to work on. I gave them three options, exploring a broad range of ideas. The first option is meant to look like a collage of clippings from newspapers and magazines, showing images of Monica throughout the years. It uses colors that nod to her days as an olympic athlete and playing for Japan's Red Terriers. The second option uses her headshot from when she was on Team USA and some motion blur on the typography for an option that is more the traditional celebrity biography. The gradient on the type is brighter in the center so it looks as though there is a spotlight on Monica for the effect of 'shining' and the color story is the same as the first option. The last option focuses on showing Monica from her days on the UT Volunteers softball team, with the cover styled to resemble the university's sports advertising. UT orange is the main color.

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