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Rather & Kittrell Financial Advisors asked Designsensory to create a direct mailer that built on the previous campaign, in which we had established the concept of "Meet Future You." We previously sent out letters meant to be from the clients' future selves telling them about all of the great things that have happened in life since they started planning their future with RK's help. The new direct mailer pushed that idea forward, using evolved language with a roll fold design that unveiled each member of an extended family with each fold. The family members had messaging about how each of their lives were changed because of good financial planning, accompanied by information about RK on the right panels. The final roll reveals a CTA about how RK can help change your life with good planning. The mailer drives potential clients toward a landing page where they can fill out a form to get the conversation started. The landing page design combines the original postcard design with the design elements of the new mailer. This mailer came out around the same time as Thrive Magazine, so we brought in a lot of those fine details that were established in designing the magazine to drive the evolution of their brand forward.

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