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The Volunteer Club is a NIL group that partners with UTK athletes to host events and sell merchandise. They needed a new visual style to bring their social media presence together and set them up for success in securing more partnerships and advertising their brand more cohesively. We developed the new style through the first set of deliverables, a set of social templates. It was an interesting challenge because we needed to echo the intensity and level of design that appears on social posts for UTK while making the Photoshop templates beginner friendly so that the client could use them in times when there were spontaneous events or changes happening that couldn't go through the process of a traditional social calendar. We did this by using carefully organized, locked design layers and smart objects. Everything is labeled to make it clear how the client should use them. The styles set for the social templates extended out into the NASDAQ Times Square billboard design, which featured Tennessee football players Joe Milton III and Ramel Keyton ahead of their appearance to ring the NASDAQ bell.

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