Zoo Dinos Launch Campaign

Digital, Social, Print
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About the Project

This campaign was created to advertise the exhibition of 22 animatronic dinosaurs around Zoo Knoxville. We focused on communicating this unique, educational experience visually through a concept art inspired campaign that shows families in Jurassic landscapes, enjoying an up-close and personal view of the dinosaurs in their natural landscape. We wanted this campaign to feel very cinematic, inspiring potential zoo customers with the idea of escaping into another world of dinosaurs. We first developed three key visuals and then went into production of the larger campaign of digital, social, print, paid search, OOH, apparel, and environmental deliverables. I developed the second key visual below while another designer developed the two blue ones, and we divided and conquered the deliverables amongst a team of three designers during the production phase. A small selection of the production deliverables we developed is shown below.

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